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Workplace Mediation

Mediation as defined by the Scottish Mediation Network is:-

A process in which disputing parties seek to resolve their differences with the assistance of a trained mediator acting as a third party.

Mediation is voluntary, confidential and aims to offer disputing parties the opportunity to be fully heard, to hear each other's perspective and to decide how to resolve their disputes themselves. It is also:-

  • Future focussed, in addition to reviewing past events and recent circumstances.
  • An opportunity for parties to consider their real needs and interests rather than their rights.
  • An opportunity for more creative solutions than those available through formal procedures.
  • Taking part does not prevent you from seeking advice from other agencies or pursuing the matter through the legal system.

I work with both parties in a dispute to establish their underlying needs and interests, encourage dialogue and ultimately facilitate an agreed resolution. I meet both parties individually in the pre-mediation session to hear their perspectives and answer any questions about mediation. If both parties agree to participate in mediation, the mediation then begins with a joint session. Mediation involves parties being seen jointly and individually throughout the mediation. 90% of mediations reach a mutually agreed conclusion.

Mediation is sometimes known as Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR - this means that it is seen as an alternative to the court system, allowing disputes to be resolved by consensus, rather than by a judge.

Mediation normally last for one full day.

Cost of Mediation

Please make enquiries about fee for Mediation.

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